[En-Nut-Discussion] Power Supply: AC O.K.?

Alastair Jeremy ajeremy at dotaussie.com.au
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Hi Ralf,

The answer is "yes, something changed". The power supply capacitors are
smaller on some boards.

Ethernuts with smaller filter capacitors do not provide sufficient smoothing
of AC, so the voltage regulation drops out each cycle and the Ethernut keeps
resetting. I think it's mentioned in the FAQ, but if you want a full
explanation with rough calculations I can email it to you (I did them a
while back).

Kind Regards,

Alastair Jeremy
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I read in the Hardware Manual that the Ethernut Board should be supplied
Direct Current 9-15 V.
I have got an older Manual here which states that it is possible to supply
Board with Alternating Current 7-12 Volt. I have seen that there is a
on the Board so AC should be O.K., or am I wrong?

Is it O.K. to use AC  or are there any disadvanteges? Why has the mention of
power-supply gone from the manual? Has anything changed in power-supply from
Ethernut version 1.0 to 1.3?


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