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Marc Wetzel mwse at gmx.de
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Hi Cho,

the answer is simple.


Basemon includes the functionality of init.c already.


Init.c [.o] does some simple initialization of the threading engine:
Like adding your available XRAM, and starting the idle-thread and so

Basemon.c is for testing: So, it checks the memory first by writing and
reading it respectively (you start it by selecting the appropriate menu
entry.) After a successful check a "idle-thread" is started and
everything continues as like you used init.c

Question to you:

What is so bad about LW-Threads??

Marc Wetzel

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Mr Kipp,

I have some questions.

1) What is the file 'init.o' 's role in ethernut?
    I discover that the file is in Makefile of
application program  except basemon.
Why Makefile in basemon have not init.o file?

2)  Why thread is used in ethernut source code?
Is not there any other solutions except thread?
(without exception, Should we use thread?)

3) Finally,  why ' int main (void) ' is only used in
basemon.c ?
Why other applications(that is, tcps.c, httpd.s etc..)
don't use 'int main (void)'?
Is there any reason?
Kind regards.


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