[En-Nut-Discussion] questions

Sangman Cho csmcho2002 at yahoo.co.kr
Wed Nov 13 04:32:11 CET 2002

Mr Kipp,

I have some questions. 

1) Is there a MAC address in RTL8019's eeprom?

Is there also a subnetmask and a ip address  in
RTL8019's eeprom besides mega103's eeprom?
2) Why we must use thread in ethernut software?
 Is it necessary to use theread in ethernut?
Can't we use process except thread?

3) Finally, in ethernut, is it necessary to use
external sram?
that is, can't we use memory with only mega103's
internal sram(4kbyte) for incoming ethernet packet
without external  sram?
besides processing ehternet packet, what is a memory's

Kind regards,

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