[En-Nut-Discussion] Is this a bug or a 'Feature' ?

Tarmo Fimberg tarmo at kaugotsing.ee
Thu Apr 3 14:03:43 CEST 2003

Can You describe this bug, because I just working with PPP and telnet (i.e. 
NutTcpConnect) and I see that remote transfers SYN ACK, but Nut/OS does not 
undestand this.
The NutTcpSm thread never get NutEventWait(&tcp_in_ready, 200) to return 0, 
even if I increased the timeout to 3000.

>>Harald Kipp:
> >On this note - has anyone had nut application that have run for months on
> >end?
> PPP requires even more. It is slow and packets may get corrupted
> quite often. Just yesterday we detected another bug in the TCP
> state machine. It appears when the peer doesn't receive the

Tarmo Fimberg

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