[En-Nut-Discussion] Q: httpd.o + crurom when ugrading from 2.591 to 3.01

Lars Andersson lakab at telia.com
Fri Apr 4 19:11:06 CEST 2003


I just recently upgraded from 2.591 t0 3.01 and winavr.
Everything incuding CGI works fine after recoding to stdio, except :

The index.html page that is coded and included into my application with
is not displayed. Instead httpd returns a 404 Not Found.

The same happens if I compile and load the example "httpd", it does not
show it's welcome page, but i can use the CGI functions.

However the example "basemon" displays it's welcome page, this is maybe
differently. Makefile is similar though.  

Any tips or suggestions appreciated. Is there any recoding I have missed
There is not much user code involved, maybe it is a makefile issue?

========================= Makefile ====================================
PROJ   = ADC80
WEBFILE= urom.c

top_srcdir = ../..

include $(top_srcdir)/app/Makedefs

SRCS =  $(PROJ).c adcdrv.c $(WEBFILE)
OBJS =  $(SRCS:.c=.o)
LIBS =  $(LIBDIR)/nutinit.o -lnutnet -lnutpro -lnutfs -lnutos -lnutdev
-lnutcrt -lnutos
TARG =  $(PROJ).rom

all: $(OBJS) $(TARG)
	$(CP) $(TARG) $(MCU)

$(WEBFILE): $(WEBDIR)/index.html 

include $(top_srcdir)/app/Makerules
========================= END Makefile

Best regards,
Lars H. Andersson

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