[En-Nut-Discussion] a LAN91C111 question?

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Becuase maybe it difficult to me for bank switching , so I might try to use a decoder IC to reserve a small space for LAN chip. From your point of view, how much space is enough?
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  Map your 64K so it does not appear as flat 64k, put a bank switching in & have a big "hole" somewhere (eg. 16kb) that you can put the LAC91C111 chip in, as well as other things.
  Alternatively make the address decoding "leave out" SRAM in a small location, and put the LAN chip in there instead.
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    I now refer to ethernut 2 prototype to develop my board, and I have a question:
    when I use 64K SRAM, how can I avoid the conflict of LAN91C111's base address?
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