[En-Nut-Discussion] Newbie on board -- how to debug

Theodore A. Roth troth at openavr.org
Fri Jan 10 18:45:07 CET 2003

On Fri, 10 Jan 2003, Kelly Edward Murray wrote:

:) Hello,

:) I've been looking for a microprocessor to use, and it looks like the
:) mega128 is the hot ticket, seems lots of support for it.  I purchased
:) an Ethernut board, and have been looking over the docs.
:) I much prefer to use Linux, but I did not see a GDB for the AVR. How do
:) you debug and/or step though source code? I've heard AVR Studio for
:) windows, is that what I need, will it work with the ethernut board? Do
:) y'all recommend I get the AVR-500 and AVR-501 to use the Mega128? I
:) will most likely sooner or later build my own board using the
:) processor, more questions about that later...

I use Linux exclusively and maintain the AVR port for GDB. GDB has had avr
support since 5.2.1. You need an avr remote backend to use it though such
as simulavr or avarice (as Harald already noted).

Have a look at http://www.openavr.org more open source avr info.

You might also want to subscribe to the avr-gcc mailing list which is
better for non-ethernut related questions.

Ted Roth

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