[En-Nut-Discussion] Problems with network interface.

Gert Jan Kruizinga gjk at gjk4all.net
Sat Jan 11 16:36:35 CET 2003

I have an ethernut v1.1 board here and i'm trying to compile network example
for it.

My sources using the console port work fine and now i'm trying to build
network support in it. My network at home is build on a linux infrastructure
with dhcp. Everything compiles with no errors or warnings but the
initialisation of the ethernet controller failed every time, no matter if i
ude nutautoconfig or hardcode ip with nutifconfig.

To exclude programming errors i compiled the example httpd code from nutos
and i get the same results here. I patched my nutos libs for the 20021217cvs
libc so maybe the problem is in there. therefore i removed my entire
development enviroment from my ps and installed the cdk-avr-*-20021028
release from sourceforge, backupped my patched tree and installed the
nut-2.5.91.tar.gz with the nut-2.5.91-troth.diff.txt patch.

Recompile with no errors or warnings and build the httpd example again. Got
the same result for autoconfig as well as for fixed ip config.

I have no clue what goes wrong here.

My current configuration is:
- Redhat linux 7.3
- cdk-avr-base-0.2-20021110.i586.rpm
- cdk-avr-binutils-021028-20021111.i386.rpm
- cdk-avr-gcc-20021028-20021102.i386.rpm
- cdk-avr-libc-20021028cvs-20021102.noarch.rpm
- nut-2.5.91.tar.gz
- nut-2.5.91-troth.diff.txt

IP configuration is

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