[En-Nut-Discussion] Hostname for Ethernut?!

Keith keith at lwmc.com
Sun Jan 12 16:35:38 CET 2003

You have the wrong Email address. I am not the person you need....

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Subject: [En-Nut-Discussion] Hostname for Ethernut?!

> Hi,
> I am having problem in writting an application which requires to get the
> host name of ethernut.
> Basically i have got a TCP serive running on TCP port 1000 and to enable a
> GUI to my service i wrote a Java Applet which connects to the service and
> display some data in the browser.
> What i am havin problem is when i ask the applet to connect to localhost
> or the ip of ethernut... none of them seem to be working?! Java
> seems to have problme resovling the host, or ip by calling sys call to the
> OS... and in our case.. the ethernut OS is not responding with the
> I am not sure if my assumption is rite?!
> I am just wondering if it is possible to assign a hostname to ehternut
> i am registering the etho interface? So i can write in the java code to
> connect the host.
> Regards,
> Pat
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