[En-Nut-Discussion] Compiling Ethernut with WinAVR

lemoult thierry.lemoult at eileo.com
Tue Jan 28 18:47:20 CET 2003

Hello, I just compiled Nut/OS NET 2.5.2 on atmega128 with WinAVR release
of 20030115 (gcc 3.3).
I try httpd.c sample with success. The http server work fine. Should every
thing is OK ?
I'am not sure that, i did the right thing.....
I need that someone to verified, my modification in the OS.
I could send the all the modified files if necessary.

I did these modifications:
	many times i add:   <avr/io.h>
       #include <eeprom.h>	converted to    #include <avr/eeprom.h>

	In file ifconfig.c i add "(void *)" before in call of function

	in file uartspi.c
		Line 60 : I commented "<parity.h> ", i don't now where is this files
            Line 444..: I commented  some lines, resulting of commenting
line 60.

I think that parity en spi doesn't work now, but it's should be simple to
repare it.

And some thing else, i can't remember.

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