[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with Ethernut Startup

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I will try it but I fear the problem occurs before my main() is called. I
placed a uart register and some text output directly at the beginning of my
main() routine and even that does not show up. If I drop all ethernet stuff
from my code these textoutput work. So I think something is happening before
main() when some ethernet functions are linked to the code.

I looked at the LEDs a bit. The green RX LED comes up directly after
poweron, it looks it toggle one times. After pushing Reset nothing happens.
The yollow link LED is off all the time. If I reset the controller via
basemon's reset function it becomes on and ethernet is working.


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> Looks like the Ethernet controller reset has a problem.
> Background: A simple software reset doesn't work, the
> NIC needs a hardware reset after power up. Since board
> version 1.3 the Ethernet controller reset is tied to the
> general reset line, which is controlled by the reset chip.
> On older boards the reset line is connected to Bit 4 of
> Port E. NicReset() in dev/nicrtl.c should toggle this line
> after it fails to read the NIC ID for ten times.
> No idea, why NicReset fails. You may add the following
> workaround at the beginning of your application, before
> registering devEth0:
>    sbi(DDRE, 4);
>    sbi(PORTE, 4);
>    NutDelay(100);
>    cbi(PORTE, 4);
> Harald
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