[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with Ethernut Startup

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There's definitely nothing done with the Ethernet controller
unless you call NutRegisterDevice. You may replace devUart0
by devDebug0, which is more reliable if other parts get

Your LEDs behave as expected. The yellow LED is lit only, if
the RTL has been properly configured and a physical link
has been established. If the RTL isn't HW-reset after power up,
it won't lit.

Please do not use Basemon as a sample, this program is a
miserable hack, only used to test the board, even if the
external RAM is gone. Use httpserv.


At 18:10 23.06.2003 +0200, you wrote:
>I will try it but I fear the problem occurs before my main() is called. I
>placed a uart register and some text output directly at the beginning of my
>main() routine and even that does not show up. If I drop all ethernet stuff
>from my code these textoutput work. So I think something is happening before
>main() when some ethernet functions are linked to the code.
>I looked at the LEDs a bit. The green RX LED comes up directly after
>poweron, it looks it toggle one times. After pushing Reset nothing happens.
>The yollow link LED is off all the time. If I reset the controller via
>basemon's reset function it becomes on and ethernet is working.
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> > Looks like the Ethernet controller reset has a problem.
> >
> > Background: A simple software reset doesn't work, the
> > NIC needs a hardware reset after power up. Since board
> > version 1.3 the Ethernet controller reset is tied to the
> > general reset line, which is controlled by the reset chip.
> > On older boards the reset line is connected to Bit 4 of
> > Port E. NicReset() in dev/nicrtl.c should toggle this line
> > after it fails to read the NIC ID for ten times.
> >
> > No idea, why NicReset fails. You may add the following
> > workaround at the beginning of your application, before
> > registering devEth0:
> >
> >    sbi(DDRE, 4);
> >    sbi(PORTE, 4);
> >    NutDelay(100);
> >    cbi(PORTE, 4);
> >
> > Harald
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