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Markus Zielonka markus_zielonka at yahoo.de
Mon Aug 2 13:40:15 CEST 2004

Hello Johan,

i write my answers in the line.
In advance my english not good.

 --- Johan van der Stoel <j.v.d.stoel at stream-it.nl>
> Some time ago there was a posting about Ethernut and
> Voip. We currently are
> considering & investigating to build a SIP Voip
> telephone using the Ethernut
> platform and a voip audioprocessor of DSPgroup
> (www.dspg.com). Regarding
> this, I have the following questions.

Have you mor Inforamtion about this project.
> 1. Has anyone investigated if this is possible, and
> if not, where are the
> limitations and why shouldn't we do this?

Yes in some month i will buy a ethernut and will build
a min Voice Server.

My idea is a SIP Server for 4 Soft or Hardware Phones
and a Gateway over GSM or ISDN (BRI)

> 2. Are more people/companies in such a product, and
> if yes, are more
> people/companies interested in creating an
> open-source Nut/OS SIP platform
> and want to participate actively in this?
> 3. What is your opinion about using the RTL8019AS in
> such a product?
> I look forward to your comments.
> Johan van der Stoel
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> Web: www.stream-it.nl
> E-mail: j.v.d.stoel at stream-it.nl
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Bye Markus


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