[En-Nut-Discussion] Hardware Question -- PCB Layout help?

Thomas Mørch thomas at juletraesfoden.dk
Mon Jan 12 22:08:52 CET 2004

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> "Alex Hay" <alex at lfiinternational.com> writes:
> > I know that at least some readers of this list are making their own
> > to use with the Ethernut.  Could anyone suggest good book or other
> > point for PCB design?  (I've done simple PCBs for low-speed analog
> > but never anything with signals measured in MHz!)
> Same question, but I'm interested in cheap or free linux stuff.  I'm doing
> this for fun so my budget is pretty low.

For both of you, If it's software that you need, then take a look at Eagle
layout, it's available in both linux and windows versions. Actualy EtherNut
is designed with this program


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