Clarification of question -- RE: [En-Nut-Discussion] Hardware Question -- PCB Layout help?

Alex Hay alex at
Mon Jan 12 23:14:28 CET 2004

Thanks for the responses!  Now let me clarify. . .

I downloaded evaluation version of lots of different software packages -
Protel, Orcad, Multisim, etc.  I found Eagle the easiset to use, and of
course it is nice that the Ethernut schematic is already done in Eagle.  So
I'm going to buy a copy of Eagle, but that's not where I need help.

What I'm looking for is information about the art of actually placing and
wiring components on a board.  For example, I know that it is a good idea to
use decoupling capacitors near digital ICs, but how big and how many?  When
do I need a ground plane and when can I just use separate analog and digital
grounds connected at the power input?  How wide do my traces need to be for
high-current drivers?  When a new PCB has been made by a clueless person
(like me), what are the most common problems?  I know that PCB design is
more than just placing all the components on the board and hitting the
"autoroute" button -- what more do I need to know?

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