AW: [En-Nut-Discussion] 8019 IOCHRDY question

Oliver Schulz Oliver.Schulz at
Wed Jan 21 12:20:51 CET 2004

[Ignore my previous posting... pressed wrong button]

Hi Kolja,

while I was testing the new tcp output buffering with ethernut 1.3F I experienced some problems with the realtek driver. Especially while connecting tcp sockets (NutTcpConnect) the nic reported via interrupt that the packet was transmitted successfully, but no packet was actually put on LAN.

For debugging, I added some printf() in NicPutPacket (dev/nicrtl.c) and suddenly the error was gone.
It seemed to have Heisenberg's uncertainty principle even in programming microcontrollers (Look at it, and you will change it)...

Well, because printf with some params take some time to execute, I just added the line 'NutDelay(1)' somewhere in NicPutPacket and it works fine, but slower than before :-(

Hope that helps a bit,

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