[En-Nut-Discussion] 8019 IOCHRDY question

Bengt Florin bengt at florin.se
Thu Jan 22 08:41:24 CET 2004

I recently made measurements of IOCHRDY and sent the results to Harald.


"I connected a logic analyzer to IOCHRDY to see how it works and to my
there where only one occasion where it was active (low).
This was always at the point where the remote DMA is set up for getting the
packet header. So I put a small delay at that place (1us=16 nops) and after
that the
IOCHRDY is gone forever. I have been running for 24h+ and no IOCHRDY.
Also the sanity check is never entered any more.

So after all it seems your HW is definitely NOT BAD!

The driver however can be significantlly improved."

So that's what i'm doing.


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