AW: [En-Nut-Discussion] make error under windows current cvs

Oliver Schulz Oliver.Schulz at
Wed Jan 28 08:37:10 CET 2004

Hi Richard,

I just committed a new version of tcpsock.c to CVS. 
Please try to compile whole Nut/OS with ICCAVR and report any errors you get.

Since I don't have ICCAVR I cannot test my code under ICCAVR. With gcc everything works fine.

Short description of the error you got. I modified a void pointer with something like this:

void *buf;
buf += 10;

Because void isn't really a data type, gcc assumes a byte wide pointer to do the calculation. This assumption is (obviously) not made by ICCAVR and an error is reported.

Please test the whole stuff under ICCAVR and point on every bug or error you get till 30.1.2004. This is the deadline for the next release.


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> Can anyone put light on these errors on building from CVS 
> tonight under
> Winavr & OS Windows 2000.
> default config for ICCAVR , MEGA128 , STK200 , LAN91C111 from running
> nutconfig.exe
> tcpsock.c<891>: unknown size for type 'void'
> tcpsock.c <919>:unknown size for type 'void'
> tcpsock.c<934>:unknown size for type 'void'
> make[1]:***[tcpsock.o]error 1
> make: ***[all] Error 2
> Thanks
> Richard
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