[En-Nut-Discussion] Request for Release 3.4.3

Przemyslaw Rudy prudy at audiotech.pl
Wed May 26 15:44:40 CEST 2004

Actually my friend found one thing (last release), if you call the 
TwMasterTransact() for write only (no reads):

TwMasterTransact(addr, *txb, txlen, 0, 0, timeout);

If there was an error –1 is returned – that’s ok. If there were no 
problems the returned value should be 0, but is not. An uninitialised 
value is returned.


Harald Kipp wrote:

> Hi all,
> actually I'm too busy to handle this old crap. :-)
> Anyway, if there are no further concerns I'd like to
> release Nut/OS 3.4.3 within one or two days. I just
> added the devDebug baudrate setting to this branch.
> Someone reminded me of the Webport update I announced
> to several people. But this won't work reliable without
> the TCP state machine fix.
> Harald
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