[En-Nut-Discussion] Getting WEBPORT to work on the ethernut..

Dave Lütolf david.lutolf at pg21.org
Fri Feb 4 22:40:04 CET 2005


sorry if I bother you with such easy questions but I've found myself 
pretty much stuck. I'm doidng an apprenticeship in electronics, and have 
chosen the Ethernut (1.3G) for a project as I thought it was definitely 
the best solution for my problem.

However...  I followed the instructions I got, configured Nut/OS 
configurator (properly?), managed to upload the given webport.hex to my 
ethernut using AVR Studio and the STK500 adapter. I have the following 

- when compiling Nut/OS, I end up with a bunch of .a and .o files... 
what am I supposed to do with these? How do I make a new webport.hex 
from my modified webport.cgi?
- if I want an application written in asm to run on my ethernut (I need 
to access the ATMega128's ADC), plus another one (in C probably) that 
would regularly do tasks (like a cron daemon) like updating variables in 
memory and sending/reading serial values on ports, and a web interface 
to monitor and update variables... is that possible?

I first thought I would get (with Nut/OS) some sort of UNIX-like OS, in 
which I could start processes how I pleased, and it seems not to be the 
case. I'd be very thankful if any of you had a clue to give me on how to 
proceed with this.


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