[En-Nut-Discussion] Problem with ICCAVR 7.00A and Nut/OS

Michael Fischer fischermi at t-online.de
Sun Feb 6 11:58:33 CET 2005


with the original version (7.00A) of the compiler, it is not possible
to compile a Nut/OS project. Because the compiler include path
will be added at the first (new feature).

To get your project working, you need a patch from ICCAVR.
Take a look here:


Now it is possible to compile, but the debug UART is still not working.

Therefore you must change the debug0 and debug1 source.

Change the line:

outb(UBRR, (u_char) ((((2UL * NutGetCpuClock()) / (*((u_long *)conf) *
16UL)) + 1UL) / 2UL) - 1);

Change the 1 at the end, use 1UL instead.

Best regards,


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