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amit khandelwal khandelwal.amit at gmail.com
Wed Feb 9 04:17:15 CET 2005

    Thanks for that information Simon. I really appreciate it. I have
currently extracted the code from TinySec for the SkipJack and other
encryption algorithms and modified it to compile for the avr-gcc
compiler. Also, I am referring to the the book by "Bruce Schneier"
called Applied Cryptography to create a library of encryption
algorithms for the atmega128 platform. These alogirithm could be use
for encryption of data at the application layer as well as at any
layer in the tcp/ip stack. Currently I am exploring the following

1. Link level authentication for wsn (Wireless Sensor Network) based
the tcp/ip stack of nut/os)
2. Create an IPSec like protocol
3. Application level encryption
4. Some architecture for security in sensor network.

Any suggestion or pointers in this direction. 

Thanks for all the help.

Amit Khandelwal

On Tue, 8 Feb 2005 20:55:21 +0100, Hugo Simon <hugo.simon at gmx.de> wrote:
> Hi Amit
> The hex file ist not binary. If you look into the file using a text editor
> (or the cat command) you will see a mass of hex digits. The programmer
> software decodes this into the real bytes of the code. Since each byte is
> show as two hex digits (characters) the file size doubles compared with the
> real size of the code. Then there are a couple of other informations in the
> hex file (checksum, start and stop characters, linefeeds and so on) which
> blows up the filesize again.
> You can aproximately say a hex file is good double the size of the real
> code.
> You can see the real code size in the linker output.
> Hope that helps
> bye
> Thorsten
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> > Hello,
> >     The hardware manual of 1.3 Rev F, says that we have 128KB of Flash
> > ROM and 4KB of EEPROM and 32KB of SRAM. I see the size of httpserv.hex
> > as 171KB on my linux box. I am not able to understand why this is
> > so??? Can somebody please tell me why this is?  Also, in the code of
> > httpserv.c there is a use of "static prog_char" and the comment says
> > that C programming for flash microcontrollers will store this is in
> > the Flash ROM. Any good tutorial which I can refer for such details?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Amit Khandelwal
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