[En-Nut-Discussion] CharonII and six telnet channels

nivaldo nivaldo at tmn.com.br
Sun Feb 13 14:08:29 CET 2005

Hi, Harald
The project in which I have been working is based on the db_demo application, of course with small modifications to assist my needs.
Six  telnet clients will access the CharonII module that should maintain those connections active indefinitely, here without problems.
The problem happens starting from the fifth connection, in other words, or the module freezes or the previous connections are undone by the module.
I think, then, that the module supports up to four simultaneous telnet connections .
The text above was sent to Mr. Rehak and he answered me in the following way:

"Dear nivaldo,

Yes you are rightm it's defined in the Ethernut systeme...

we'll have in short time Hyperion Like FW which will be easy converter
serial port / Ethernet in source..."

Then, I would like to know if there is another way of solving that problem.

best regards

Nivaldo Carrião
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