[En-Nut-Discussion] reliability of message queues

Matthias Ringwald mringwal at inf.ethz.ch
Wed Feb 23 12:11:20 CET 2005

Hi Ole,

some thoughts: the message queue is using a lot of critical sections.
if you don't need to send messages from an interrupt handler, I would
advise to write a new version which doesn't use any critical sections
(which are bad for bt uart..:)

does anybody NEED to send msgs from an IRQ handler?

right now, msg.c also uses periodic timer which are not implemented well
in terms of interrupt latency. this is something being currently worked
on ...


On 23.02.2005, at 11:50, Ole Reinhardt wrote:

> Hi all,
> Some time ago I've read on the Ethernut project pages that Message
> queues still were buggy.
> I plan to use them in the rfcomm stack of btnut and therefore need to 
> be
> shure that they are in a usable state.
> Has anyone just made some experiences with message queues? And could
> anyone give me a short example how to use them?

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