[En-Nut-Discussion] debugging ethernut apps

Ernst Stippl ernst at stippl.org
Wed Feb 23 23:02:39 CET 2005

Hi All!

I need to debug Ethernut apps and want to use AVRStudio 4.x. (which I used
with .asm programs on another project some time ago)
I compile Ethernut apps with WINAVR gcc 3.3.1, this works great.
The output files produced by "make all" are .hex, .lst, .map and .o
I use "make burn" to download the hex image to the Ethernut board.

A recent mail regarding JTAG usage mentioned the "coff" file which is also
referenced in the AVRStudio help file as being necessary for debugging.

How do I create a .cof file?
My UNIX background is thin and so is my understanding of "MAKE". I tried
follow the makefile -> makerules -> makerules.avr-gcc chain but I was not
successful in determine which line to edit in which way in which file.

Can somebody help me out there!

Just to verify: I own a Ethernut 2.1b dev kit. 
Is the JTAG adapter included there capable of supporting debugging together
with AVRStudio?  
In AVRStudio, is it correct if I select "STK500/AVRISP" under "TOOLS"? 
When I tried this some time ago, AVRStudio told me it the firmware is
I expect I will receive this message again, what to do then? 

Thanks for your help

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