[En-Nut-Discussion] RTL8019 Init Problem after power up

Paweł Czarnecki apcom at tlen.pl
Sun Feb 27 22:09:10 CET 2005

    I have a problem with realtek init. Sometimes after power up
function NutRegisterDevice(&DEV_ETHER, 0, 0) spends more
time and return 0 (all's ok), but (after net config etc) ping doesn't
work, and can't create any socket. After call CreateSocket, NutOS
send ARP packet, destination host send answer, and Nut re-send
ARP question. It looks like receive does not work.
    Long delays (1s) between power on and RegisterDevice doesn't
change. I connected RTL reset line to atmega port, and manualy
reset (cbi, sbi, cbi reset bit) before register RTL device. It also 
doesn't work.
    Hardware reset on all board (without powering off) works great.
    In this case (when RTL apear to be dead ) I try to manualy call 
NicInit(). Its solve my problem and all work fine, but it create 
second rxi5 thread.

Question is:
    how to kill one of rxi5 threads?
    it is safe to rewrite NicInit() function that they check
        thread list and don't create another rxi5 (if any exist)?
    is any else solve?


I hope it is readable ;-)


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