[En-Nut-Discussion] Where to find ENUT apps

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Tue Sep 20 13:09:11 CEST 2005

Hello Thorsten,

At 12:18 20.09.2005 +0200, you wrote:
>if I need some nice code snippet for the Ethernut I usally browse through
>this discussion archive to find out if there is somebody who wrote that
>snipped already. Thats a bit annoying. Is there somewhere a location where
>one can submit and find some nice things for the Ethernut?

Sigh! Indeed! The Ethernut Community is bunch of strange people:

1. Non-commercial developers with focus on device drivers and
internal TCP gimmicks. All they provide are "test cases" in the
Nut/OS app/ subdirectory.

2. Commercial developers, which are under permanent time
pressure and who don't want to publish anything, which may
support their competitors.

3. Newbies, desperately looking for example code and better

All in all, a typical Open Source Project.

>Maybe the Wiki would be a nice platform for that. Under the main menu
>"NutOSExamples" there could be subpages with every example, so everyone can
>drop some nice little things there. For bigger code there should be some
>Webspace somewhere.

This had been the initial intention of NutOsExamples. Unfortunately
the NutWiki isn't used as much as expected. Nevertheless we at egnite
are considering to change to MediaWiki to get more attractive pages.
For archive upload we may setup anonymous ftp or use a SourceForge/
Savannah project. The egnite Internet Server is a dedicated
machine running Suse, so all option are available.

I'd appreciate some nice examples very much, but when I look
on my todo list, there are sooouuuh many device drivers and
internal TCP gimmicks on top.

>BTW: How is the colorfull source example at the NutOSExamples made?

It's a PHP Wiki plug-in, activated by
<?plugin PhpHighlight
Source code comes here


Just in case someone still doesn't know: Everybody is welcome
to modify the Wiki pages. Simply sign in with a Wiki Name
(any word with upper case letter first and at least one in
between, like JohnDoe or NutHater) and start editing.

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