[En-Nut-Discussion] Witch Ports for Sensors

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Thu Sep 22 21:27:49 CEST 2005


I just got my first Ethernut 2.1b Board. Before i was
working with another ATmega128 Board (avrcard). But 
without a Ethernet Module and that's the reason for
changing to the ethernut board.
I'am trying to build a Weatherstation. For that i need
to connect 3 Temp/Humidity Sensors (SHT75 from
a Wind-Sensor (RS232) and a Pressure Sensor
Except the PressureSensor, all other Sensors are 
running on my old ATmega128 Board.
The Temp-Sensor is a Two-wire Sensor (CLK and DATA)
and the Pressure Sensor needs 4 Digitalports 

After searching the Documentation and the Archives, 
i didn't find a List with free Digital/Analog Ports
to use. Or i'am not sure if i missed something.
As far as i understand:

- Port B Pin 4 is ChipSelect for EEPROM
- Port E Pin 5 is for the LAN Chip
- Port D Pin 0 is SCL (I2C)
- Port D Pin 1 is SDA (I2C)
- Port F Pin 4-7 are used by the JTAG Interface

For me as Non-electronic Guy, it is a little bit
hard to read the Schematics and to understand witch
Port is used.

It would be nice to get some kind of list with
free Digital and Analog Ports.

Any Help would be great !


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