[En-Nut-Discussion] Newbie - NUTos questions.

James Flanagan james.flanagan at stsint.com
Thu Sep 29 14:47:15 CEST 2005

    I need some very basic information regarding what I can and cannot 
do with the nut libraries.
We are developing some custom hardware in which we used the electrical 
design of the ethernut hardware in
order to have emebedded ethernet capabilities.  There are a number of 
other features designed in for other hardware
devices, but the ethernut design is exactly as originally designed 
(v1.3g).  I am very new to RTOS usage so I am studying
the software examples that are provided.  By the way, we are using the 
Imagecraft version of the nut build.

The question(s):
1)  MUST I use the NutOS in order to use the Ethernet Libraries?
2)  Since our design will have about 5 different communication ports 
(several RS232, ethernet, CAN, etc)
      I would prefer to not use the Nut provided printf function and 
continue to use the imagecraft provided printf function.
      Is this OK?

I guess what I am mainly trying to ask is, must I use the nutOS at all 
in order to take advantage of the ethernet functions.
The plan at this point is to use the NUTOS, however, there are several 
areas where I am not yet comfortable with its use and
want the option to not use it if needed.

Your input is appreciated...


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