[En-Nut-Discussion] Possibility to have different hex-files for appload on the same tftpd-server

Krzysztof Drewicz hunter at mimuw.edu.pl
Wed Dec 13 16:27:14 CET 2006

Erik Lindstein napisał(a):
> I would like to be able to connect diffferent units to the same server 
> and get them to download correct software.
> Is it possible to have a tftpd-server sending different software to 
> the bootloader depending on client MAC-adress.
> Or is it possible to get appload to download an induvidual filename at 
> bootloading?

Don't know what server software you are running but it's possible to 
have different IPs for different macs via dhcp and in the most cases 
it's DHCP boot-servers job to pass extra arguments as dhcp extra options.
AFAIK there is no such tftp server for linux which could serve one 
directory for one mac, like in PXE loader for PCs.
If you are desperate you could setup a vlans based network, each 
ethernut in separate vlan. Small/simple switches with vlans are very 
cheep at the moment.
And btw: tftp is defined on the "IP" layer, so it does not know even 
what a MAC is. TFTP could work on a ppp connection, or be routed via the 

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