[En-Nut-Discussion] Nut don't work anymore

Brett Abbott Brett.Abbott at digital-telemetry.com
Fri Jul 7 07:15:10 CEST 2006


It would be useful if you could run your application on a private 
network with only the PC polling the ethernut.  Perhaps you could find a 
small switch or hub and run the PC and ethernut as the only two 
connected systems.  (you will need to use fixed ip addresses or run dhcp 
on the PC.)

As your test case is reproduceable, this will possibly tell you if 
"other" network traffic or environmental issues are at fault and may 
help you further track down the fault.  Try the test with both the web 
and ping running.


Hugo Simon wrote:
>> You need to protect anything attached to the expansion port
>> against electrical discharge. The RS232, power supply and
>> Ethernet connectors are very well protected. Not everybody
>> is satisfied with the RS485 protection, because these cables
>> may be several miles/kilometers long.
> That's ok, I will only attach some RS232 lines, so this should be no
> problem.
> So the biggest problem at the moment will be the software hanging TCPIP
> stack issue. I now put the Ethernut with 4.1.9 version to our network and I
> am not sure about the things that happen. I have a webserver on it which
> displays a self refreshing page every 20 seconds.
> With the old software software runs for 15 minutes to 2h the stops
> responding, even to a ping. And there was no difference wether I access the
> website or only ping the board.
> Now it's different. The Nut crashed about 15 minutes after connecting it to
> the network _and_ continuesly accessing it's webpage. Then I stopped the
> browser and only ping the Nut. This worked the whole day long. So maybe the
> NutOS bug is gone and I now have an application bug. I will check the httpd
> sample next week.
> bye
> Thorsten
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