[En-Nut-Discussion] UART buffering problems

MichalKrakora michal.krakora at centrum.cz
Thu Jul 13 11:00:32 CEST 2006

Ja jsem taky jak kdyz mne nekdo vzal tyci pres hlavu.
CO se tyce tech aut, tak radsi bych sel do ty Almery...
Mam kdyztak velmi sikovnyho klempire, se kterym byses urcite nejak dohodl...
Zatim cus.

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> Předmět: [En-Nut-Discussion] UART buffering problems
>Hello all!
>I have two Ethernuts 2.1b connected through RS485 (half-duplex mode)  and
trying to send data between them.
>Code is very simple:
>fgets(rs485_buff, sizeof(rs485_buff), rs485_stream);
>fpurge(rs485_stream)                  // it's for reading
>fputs(data, rs485_stream);
>fflush(rs485_stream)                   // it's for writing.
>And that's my problem: transfering occurs only after some number of bytes
(about 30) put into stream. I've tried to change UART parameters (there a
lot of them in uart.h) but with no success.
>Can anyone explain me how to make my UART working as I want (e.g. send
date immediatly after "\CR\LF")? Or give me some links on more detailed
documentation than API reference?
>Best regards,  Sergei.
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