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Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Wed Jul 26 20:34:15 CEST 2006

Google site status:
"On 2006-07-26 at 1020 Pacific, CVS service to projects starting with the 
letters 'e', 'f', and 'g' was restored."

Seems to be still down. Here's the list of latest changes:

* os/timer.c: NutSleep() doesn't take the difference between
timer creation time and last timer elapsed processing into
account. This may resulted in shorter sleep time. Thanks to
Andras Albert for this fix.

* arch/arm/dev/ostimer_at91.c, arch/arm/os/nutinit.c,
conf/arch/arch.nut, conf/arch/arm.nut, conf/at91sam7x-ek.conf:
Defining AT91_PLL_MAINCK will automatically determine SAM7X
clock by reading PLL settings.

* arch/arm/dev/spimmc_at91.c, conf/arch/arch.nut, conf/arch/arm.nut,
conf/at91sam7x-ek.conf, include/dev/spimmc_at91.h:
Added MMC/SD-Card support for AT91SAM7X Evaluation Kit.

* arch/arm/dev/at91_efc.c, dev/nvmem.c, include/arch/arm/at91_efc.h:
Added non-volatile configuration memory support for SAM7X,
using upper 16k region of on-chip flash.

* include/arch/arm/at91_mc.h: Made it usable for assembler.

* include/arch/arm/at91_pmc.h: Added shift values for multi-bit

* include/arch/arm/at91_spi.h: Added missing bit definitions.

* app/ftpd/ftpserv.c: Added support for AT91SAM7X-EK.

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>I'd really like to stop this RC numbering and move to 4.2.
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