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Peter Sodermanns peter.sodermanns at aixcon.de
Fri Jul 28 11:13:59 CEST 2006

Hi all,

with 4.1.9 the ftpd seems to work no more.
In my application as well in Ethernuts's ftpd sample I observe the same 
behavior: After opening an ftp connection the system hangs and I have to 

In ftpd.c I defined FTPD_DEBUG, and in dirent.c I put some printf's into 
function opendir. Also printf's in function NutFtpTransferDirectory, 
leading to the following output:

FTP Server Sample - Nut/OS rc - AVRGCC
Configure eth0...No DHCP...hard coded gate...OK
IP Addr:
IP Mask:
IP Gate:
Query time from
Register file system...OK
Register FTP root...OK

Waiting for an FTP client...
Waiting for an FTP client...
Waiting for an FTP client... connected, 24483 bytes free

<'220 Nut/OS FTP rc ready at Jan  1 01:00:24

 >'USER anonymous'
<'230 OK'
 >'SYST '
<'215 UNIX Type: L8'
 >'PWD '
<'257 "/"'
 >'TYPE I'
<'200 OK'
 >'PASV '
 >'SIZE /'
<'502 Failed'
 >'MDTM /'
<'502 Failed'
 >'RETR /'
<'550 Failed'
 >'PASV '
 >'CWD /'
<'250 OK'
 >'LIST '
  opendir: dev_name = PNUT
  opendir: dir allocated
  opendir: dirbuf = /
  opened PNUT:/
  before NutFtpSendMode
<'150 Opening ASCII“þ

FTP Server Sample - Nut/OS rc - AVRGCC

It seems that NutFtpSendMode fails. At that point the program restarts. 
Before inserting that last printf the program just hang.

Maybe someone has an idea where the faulty behavior comes from?
I'll try to dig further...


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