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Jix Electronics jix.electronics at mbnet.fi
Fri Jul 28 18:47:45 CEST 2006


I dropped bus speed to 10Mhz for Sandisk 64MB SD.


Harald Kipp wrote:
> Hi Jix,
> Someone else reported a similar problem with a 512kB Kingston
> MMC. However, all 8 cards I have at hand right now do work.
> takeMS 64MB SD
> takeMS 128MB SD
> CORAM??? 128MB SD
> SanDisk 256MB RS-MMC
> Bravo 256MB SD
> Sigma 256MB SD
> SanDisk 512MB UltraII SD
> SanDisk 1GB SD
> Except the RS-MMC, all of them are SD Cards. Simple MMCs are
> not easy to get nowadays.
> I typically use Windows Commander, but the console mode
> ftp should work even better. I remember problems with
> some webbrowsers, however. Beside that, mounting should
> work, regardless of the ftp client you use.
> How far did you drop the SPI baudrate?
> Harald

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