[En-Nut-Discussion] timer problem

Hans Franke franke.hans at freenet.de
Sat Dec 15 01:47:19 CET 2007

first: i'm  a novice in using nut/os.
second:     i experience with ethernut 1.3H and ethernut 2.1b hardware 
and the nut-os.
third: i develop sw and hw over twenty years.
fourth: my problem

i test the timers with  nut-os under various conditions and i note a 
problem, when i use One-shot timers periodically ( upps).
perhaps it's a general problem (not one-shot, really general)  ???

i believe there is a problem with the timer-interrupt and not securly 
critical sections.

i test the software with both hw-platforms and isolate any other 
self-made software, the problem exists to me! ( perhaps my?)

the software works about two/three minutes and then it "crashed". with 
and without debuging!!!

temporary diagnosis:

i work with iccavr V7.14C and the jtagicemkII,
so i see that after the "crash" the timerlist is destroyed and an 
endloss loop inside of  "NutTimerInsert" is working. Only one timer 
exists, instead of my intended three timers, which really exists before 

timer1->next = timer1; timer1->prev=timer1;
timer2->next = timer3; timer2->prev= NULL;
timer3->next = timer2; timer3->prev= NULL;

had anyone a problem with timers in nut-os???


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