[En-Nut-Discussion] RTL8019AS is not running

daniela_24 at gmx.de daniela_24 at gmx.de
Thu Jan 4 08:51:32 CET 2007

yes, basemon detects 28416 bytes external RAM. Do you think everything works fine again, if I put a new RTL8019AS on the board?? 

Or is there any other possibility to bring the board to work fine again?

Lot's of thanks, daniela

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> The RTL8019AS is highly sensitive to ESD. Almost all fatal failures with 
> Ethernut 1 boards are caused by damaged Realteks. However, typically 
> Basemon still correctly detects the chip and reading or writing the NIC 
> registers works fine. It simply fails to set up the Ethernet link or to 
> send or receive Ethernet frames.
> Did Basemon detect all external RAM? If yes, then most probably the 
> RTL8019 is the problem. If not, than the ATmega or the 74(A)HC573 may 
> broken. The latter is most unlikely, though.
> Harald
> daniela_24 at gmx.de schrieb:
> > When I play the basemon-Programm on this board it says:
> > Detecting NIC...   none
> >
> >   
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