[En-Nut-Discussion] Packet analyzer with ATmega128

Krzysztof S k.srokowski at wp.pl
Thu Jan 11 17:43:51 CET 2007

Hello Everyone.

At first I`m beginner but I would like to create an "packets analyzer" with microcontroller ATMega128. I`ve searched Web and i found webside www.ethernut.de, where I can buy micromodule with RJ-45 interface. My analyzer should show on LCD percent statistics of selected (main) network packtes f.e. (TCP, UDP,...etc). And thats why i`ve got some questions:

1. What should I have to make it (soft and hardware)?
2. Which programming language should I use (Assembler, C or maybe Bascom) ?
3. Maybe some of You have any experience which may be useful to solve problems. Specially any articles, similar projects, etc...

Any help will be great Smile

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