[En-Nut-Discussion] Version of apploader in ethernut 2.1b and "continuous" appload issue

Dima Zavin dmitriyz at google.com
Fri Jul 27 04:11:48 CEST 2007


I was wondering what version of the apploader ships with the ethernut
2.1b board?

I've been investigating an issue where the bootloader continuously
tries to dhcp->tftp->reflash in a big loop. Seems that the 'jmp 0' is
never happenening, but I don't see what would make it jmp back to
0x1f00 either.

It basically sits there continuously reflashing the device. If it is
power cycled, it comes up with the new, properly flashed data, so the
write is actually doing something. Just very odd.

<hand waving> Could the RWW portion of the flash get wedged in a weird
state where it decodes the RWW as all nops (0x00) (or something
equivalent) and the PC just skips through it until it hits the NRWW
section and starts apploading again?

Has anyone seen anything like this before?

At the  very least, i'd like to know the version that I get from
ethernut, so I can cross-reference the disassembled dump to the code.

Thanks in advance.


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