[En-Nut-Discussion] test cases for demonstrating tracing in Nut/OS

Michael Gong mwgong at cs.utoronto.ca
Fri Mar 2 17:56:52 CET 2007

Hi, Matthias and Nut/OS community,

I almost finished refactoring the Nut/OS tracer by using aspect. Now, I 
need a simple test case for demonstrating that it works as before. The 
test case I am using now is the "tcps" example included in the Nut/OS 

Though it can somehow print some output, I find the output is not very 
interesting. For example, it only prints like:

Trace Start  ...
Thread Wait ...
Thread Yield ..
Thread Wait...

Trace Stop...

ie. it mainly only prints "wait" and "yield" kind of message. I think it 
might be due to the fact that the "tcps" example is a very simple 

In order to make the test case more interesting,  I would like to see a 
bit more various output.

Do you know how I can achieve it either by modifying "tcps" example or 
by using another not-too-complex example ?

Any advices are welcomed !



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> congratulations.
> so far, I don't have a single nut/os related publication. :(
> ...
> but nut/os on the btnodes is a convenient environment to work with.
> cheers,
> Matthias
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>>> Hi Michael
>>> how's the AOP going ? :=)
>> AOP went on great. We already used AspectC compiler to weave in a 
>> simple aspect into Nut/OS, ie. we have an aspectilized Nut/OS, and 
>> user's application can use the functionality introduced by that 
>> aspect successfully. Now, we are trying bigger aspect , like the 
>> tracing.
>> Actually, we are going to show our work on Nut/OS with AspectC in 
>> AOSD'07. http://www.aosd.net/2007/program/tutorials/T3-aspectc.php

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