[En-Nut-Discussion] how to upload .hex fileto ethernutboardinWindows

Michael Gong mwgong at cs.utoronto.ca
Wed Mar 7 02:04:40 CET 2007

Hi, Henrik,

That's good to hear.

When you use the usb/serial converter to upload .hex file, is the 
procedure different from the case when you connect the ethernut board 
with an actual serial port ? In other words, did you make any 
modifications or have some tricks ?



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> Hi,
> There is no principal problem with usb/serial converters and avrdude. 
> As
> long as the usb/serial driver is behaving correctly.
> You find that some usb/serial converters do work well and some brands 
> don't.
> I have avrdude working reliably and even reasonable fast (when 
> compared to
> the JTAGICEMKII) using a cheap no-name usb/serial converter.
> Henrik
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> Hi,  Rob,
> Thanks for the information. Actually, I don't have to stick with
> avrdude. As long as I can upload .hex file through my usb-serial
> converted to the board, tool doesn't matter.
> Since you pointed out some issues about the usb-serial adapter, I am
> wondering whether you guys have a workaround for that problem ?
> Thanks a lot.
> Mike
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