[En-Nut-Discussion] NutOS Upgrade, was: NutGetMillis in Uart ISR

Hugo Simon hugo.simon at gmx.de
Thu Nov 8 20:22:35 CET 2007


> Btw. if you access nut_ticks in normal mode (not in interrupt context),
> do use a critical section, e.g.
>     NutEnterCritical();
>     myticks = nut_ticks;
>     NutExitCritical();

It seem the NutEnterCritical did the trick. No failures for an hour.
Thank you for that hint.

But that nut_ticks variable isn't there in my NutOS Should I
update? I fear it a bit because in the past often I had to update WinAVR,
too. And the WinAVR guys seem to have fun renaming registers and other stuff
in each version.

I have avr-gcc 3.3.1. Is it save to upgrade without running into problems
with old sources?

BTW. does the upgrade of NutOS solve the old problems with crashes in big
networks and the problems with loading many small GIFs from the Ethernut in
one html page?
I had to buy a commercial web thermometer because these problems and my much
nicer Ethernut based web thermometer lays around now. :-(


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