[En-Nut-Discussion] httpd sample

Thomas Kellner derkelle at googlemail.com
Fri Nov 9 10:23:38 CET 2007


I just started with ethernut 2.1b and the httpd sample.
since I'm not using dhcp I commented it out in the sample code.
after downloading the program the initial run works fine and I get link to
the network and can call the webserver.
but after resetting the board I did not get a link anymore (both leds, link
and traffic permanently in off state).
when I got it right, eeprom is initialized the first time only, afterwards
the ip-settings are loaded by NutNetLoadConfig.

changing line 695
if (NutNetIfConfig(DEV_ETHER_NAME, 0, 0, confnet.cdn_ip_mask)) {
if (NutNetIfConfig(DEV_ETHER_NAME, confnet.cdn_mac, confnet.cdn_ip_addr,
confnet.cdn_ip_mask)) {
works fine.

is this the right way to do or is there an error in reasing?

thanks for your comments


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