[En-Nut-Discussion] NutOS Upgrade, was: NutGetMillis in Uart ISR

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Well, it's not a problem to have multiple Ethernut versions installed, but
care must be taken which .conf file is opened by the configurator.

If you look into nut\conf\crt\crt.nut you find the entry:

                macro = "FOPEN_MAX",
                brief = "Max. Open Streams",
                description = "Maximum number of concurrently opened
                              "Default is 8",
                type = "integer",
                flavor = "booldata",
                file = "include/cfg/crt.h"

And this controls the include file content of include/cfg/crt.h in you build
tree. (Harald was referring to inhis email)

If you open the wrong .conf file you may operate on the wrong base-directory
i.e. within the wrong Ethernut version.

Open the .conf file explicitly by using the "open" command in nutconf.exe
and make sure you do use the right base directory name.



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Hi Harald

Good news and bad news.

The good first: The Ethernut 4.4.0 runs a whole day in our big network
without crash. So, hopefully, the busy-network-bug is fixed.

The thread problem different between Mozilla and IE. IE is fine, Mozilla
opens to many streams.

My nut/include/cfg/crt.h is empty. Even if I set the MaxOpenStreams to 16.
Also __iob ist 0x10 bytes long.

I set MaxOpenStreams to 16 in the configurator, saved the config, then
rebuild NutOS and httpserv. Nothing. I had that problem in the past, too.
With other parameters. Maybe there is something broken in my configurator

In the configurator the property "Max.Open Streams" looks like this:
Enabled: yes
Active: True
Checked and value=16

Then complete path to the crt.h is
The config file lives in C:\Entwickl\ethernut-4.1.9\nut\conf
The main NutOS Path is C:\Entwickl\ethernut-4.1.9
And there are other NutOS versions in C:\Entwickl\ethernut-x.x.x

Is there a problem having more that one NutOS installed?

Thank you

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> Hugo Simon schrieb:
> > I set maxstream to 16 instead of 8. No difference. :-(
> >
> >
> I'm sure there is. Compiled and linked the right libs?
> Check include/cfg/crt.h in your build tree. It should contain
> #ifndef FOPEN_MAX
> #define FOPEN_MAX 16
> #endif
> In the map file of the httpserv check the size of __iob. It should be
> Harald
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