[En-Nut-Discussion] Using AT91SAM7

Dave Warren dwarren at luescher.com
Mon Nov 26 15:53:43 CET 2007

Hi Angel,

There is not a supported port to CrossWorks, just a small number of people 
who use it and make a few 'hacks' to get it working.

I think the problem with interrupts is in NutEnterCritical. I use the 
..\nut\include\arch\arm\atom.h from 4.2.1 then interrupt works.

I think it would help if we had a page on the website discribing how to use 
Ethernut with Crossworks


Dave Warren

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> Hello
> I am using Ethernut 4.4.0 with AT91SAM7XC256, compiling both Ethernut and 
> my application with Rowley CrossWorks
> My main is only a loop calling NutSleep (100);
> I have the following problems:
> - The main loop is executed only the first entry.
> - Tracing the code, I find IRQ interupts disabled permanently
> - Forcing an initial enable, in some point from inside the kernel the 
> interrupt are disabled again
> - In anoter test, including the compiler option -f omit-frame-pointer, the 
> application crash, and seem be a erroneus implementation of
>   NutEnterCritical  (It push the saved csr in stack, changing the offsets 
> to paremeters an local variables)
> I am very surprised by this problem, because reading the discussion list, 
> the port seem work correctly.
> Can somebody give me some hint about this problems?
> Thanks in advance
> Angel Sanchez
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