[En-Nut-Discussion] NutOS configurator

Ole Reinhardt ole.reinhardt at embedded-it.de
Mon Oct 15 15:28:48 CEST 2007

Hi Harald,

> ncurses is probably available for Windows. But I didn't install Cygwin 
> on my current Windows workstation, don't want to and did not need so 
> far. IMO, Cygwin is a very good Linux emulator. And its X-Server is one 
> of the rare full blown implementations. Everything is nice as long as it 
> works. However, there are several things I do not like.

Personally I never worked that much with cygwin. Like you, never more
than needed. Indeed everything up to now were only theoretical
considerations. But as far as I know at least WinAVR brings a minimal
cygwin environment with a bash and some other shell tools, right? 

So I thought a standard AVR development environment would depend on
cygwin anyway. And an arm environment I thought would behave the same.
Otherwise make would be very limitid to the inbuild functionality?

> Cygwin forces you to install a large environment, even if you just want 
> to use one or two *nix tools..Updates sometimes break something. This 

Realy? A minimal installation is only a few hundret Kb up to some few
MB, perhaps only the cygwin dll and some shell tools.

Perhaps it's not even necessary to use Cygwin at all? Perhaps kconfig
can be build staticaly linked with Mingw as well?

> [...]
> Last not least: Did you ever try to fix a problem in the Cygwin sources 
> yourself? Well, I gave up early, because I had been unable to find the 
> related source of my installation. I'm sure, it is available, but I 
> simply can't find it. May be I'm too stupid. Redhat insists on 
> delivering all sources of the Cygwin code with your application. I'm 
> aware, that many (all?) Cygwin based applications ignore this, but that 
> doesn't mean that it is OK to do so.

I see your objections :-) No, I never looked into the code and up to
know never wrote a program depending on CygWin. I realy would prefer not
to use it at all if possible.

I'd realy would like to give it a try. I don't have any objections
agains the NutConf tool at all, but I search for a solution that works
for all platforms without problems. In my eyes WxWidgets is underlying a
permanent change, so it's also quite difficult to impelemt a stable code
base. Me for example I'm not able to build the NutConf code without
changes, as NutConf usese the absolut state of the art API of wxwidgets
that is not available for Debian right now. kConfig is a quite old tool
with very low dependancies.

So I did not want to start a "flamewar" but a discussion about making
either the tools more stable or finding some tools that do the job as
well or even better. 



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