[En-Nut-Discussion] NutOS configurator

Tim DeBaillie debaillie at ciholas.com
Mon Oct 15 15:54:10 CEST 2007

On Mon, 8 Oct 2007, Tim DeBaillie wrote:

> That's how we got it to install on Ubuntu (feisty fawn).  Again the only
> two "features" we found:
> ~ The ethernut configurator comes up blank until you resize the window.
> ~ It builds MUCH faster if you use ABSOLUTE paths for the settings in the
> NutConf.

I guess I should keep my big mouth shut!  The NutConfigurator does have 
one other error.  If you try to scroll down with the scroll bar on the 
tree view, the window starts rendering improperly.

I vote that the configuator should be completely usable via command line 
and that there is some graphical representation that wraps the command 
line implementation.


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