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Paolo Inwind pbisiac at inwind.it
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Why not start with STR912FW44 ? 96KRAM, 512KFlash, Ethernet, USB,
CAN....all on board and around 7$ ! It costs less than ATMEGA and SAM7 !

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Hi Harald,

> I share your opinion regarding Nut/OS vs. Linux, but we both may be a 
> very small minority. :-)


> In fact the SAM9260 is overkill for a tiny system like Nut/OS.

In this particular case, I want to run just one single program! The 
speed could be an issue, so with ARM9 am sure it will not be. Also 
memory could be more than 256k, so maybe I will have 63Mb just sitting 
there heating up the atmosphere...

One stryking point is that from AT91SAM7X266 to AT91SAM9260+SDRAM the 
difference is just $5.73 (at digikey's prices)

> I intended to publish a first schematic some weeks ago, but soemhow I 
> got stuck on the non-trivial power supply options (DC, USB and PoE).

If you want an opinion, just send me something in PVT ;-)

> Nut/OS has been successfully implemented on the AT91SAM9260 Evaluation

> Kit. You may want to take a look to the Atmel Application Note 'AT91
> Internet Radio'.



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