[En-Nut-Discussion] Imagecraft and strtok_r in 4.6er release

Harald Kipp harald.kipp at egnite.de
Fri Aug 1 09:34:58 CEST 2008

Hi Ole,

Ole Reinhardt wrote:

> thanks for the 4.6er release. Great work!

Kudos to you and all other contributors.

Looks like we will have 4.6.1 soon. Specifically the SAM9 suffers from a 
few problems (see latest CVS HEAD).

> I'm wondering why you needed to modifiy the cgi.c and ssi.c code to not
> use strtok_r with imagecraft compilers.

I was wondering too. For some unknown reason I had been unable to figure 
out the linker problem.

> Have'nt been "ctr/strtok_r.c" created to fill this gap? Indeed your code
> might be a little faster (don't know how well or how worse strok_r in
> newlib / avr-libc is performing) but might be more obvious to see what
> shall be done in this part of code. So I would vote to remove the
> conditional compiling for gnu / imagecraft if possible.

If I remember correctly, the code size had been reduced by about 100 
bytes and the second version doesn't require allocating a duplicate 
string. Thus, I _assume_ that it is faster. ;-) Due to lack of time I 
didn't test it very well, though.


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