[En-Nut-Discussion] Updated Info web page (4.4.0 / 4.5.0)

Paulo Silva psilva at opensoftware-br.com
Tue Feb 12 17:15:27 CET 2008

A very good news...


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  Paulo Silva schrieb:
  > I had the same problem with installation of ethernut-4.5.0, and did the same you to install.

  Some mismatch of my local NSIS installations. Worked fine on Win2k here, 
  but seems to fail on later Windows versions.

  There will be 4.5.1 shortly. Hopefully I will not forget to add the SNMP 
  code this time. There will be also a tiny XML parser and a completely 
  new audio driver, which supports the new VS1053 Ogg Vorbis decoder. Ah, 
  yes,  and support for the SAM7SE with SDRAM.


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